"My Best Friend at the Hospital" is a photo book with photos taken by children on a long term hospital care. The subject of the children are two facility dogs:- Bailey and Yogi, their "best friend" at the hospital.
This book is published by an NPO "Shine On! Kids" in Tokyo, in order to raise awareness of facility dogs in Japan. The ultimate goal of the foundation is to improve quality of life of the children in long term medical care. 

Photography by: 
Children at Shizuoka Children's Hospital
Children at Kanagawa Children's Medical Center
Rawland Kirishima

Photography Instructor:
Kokomo Nakamura

Bun-oh Fujisawa

Art Direction & Graphic Design:
Kumiko Hitomi

Creative Director:
Tadahiro Konoe

Production Manager:
Shinichi Kochiyama

What is a Facility Dog?
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