The launch evnet of Sakura Craypas - 90th Anniversary 700 Color Limited Edition took place on 18th July 2012.
The event took place at a private house/gallery and the product was displayed along with the art collection. Among the 200 press and VIP guests, were interationally recognised art collector Takeo Obayashi, and fashion designer Hiroko Koshino. Space deign, flower, catering, drinks and even sweets were custom made on the theme "Colour".
Space Design: Noriyuki Asano (NPU)
Creative Director: Tadahiro Konoe
Flower: Blooms & Stripes
Catering Food: Transit
Catering Drinks: Le Pont de Ciel
Japanese Sweets: Toraya
All photos except "flowers" by Daisuke Akita
Product was displayed on top of glass table, an art work by Tokujin Yoshioka.
Sakura Craypas - 90th Anniversary 700 Color Limited Edition...with the case it weighs almost 20kg.
Flowers by Blooms & Stripes. Vase with coloured water. Photo by Mami Takezaki
Champagne cocktails in 7 colours + regular champagne.
All finger food was made also along the theme of "Colour". Canappe, jelly in a tube, macaron...all with colour variation.
Traditional Japanese tea was served, and an original sweets were served.
Sweets were hand made by Toraya, a sweets shop with a long history. Colourful cubes and cherry blossom flowers or petals are captured in a transparent agar gelatine.
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