created for "simpleshow foundation"
WEBBY WINNER 2019 for VIDEO category  "How-To & DIY"

English Version

Japanese Version

"simpleshow" is the expert in explainer video found in Germany in 2008. It has spread to 9 countries and entered the Japanese market in 2014. Tadahiro helped launch the production team.
DO YOU KNOW HOW TO MAKE MATCHA? was created for simpleshow’s non-profit organisation "simpleshow foundation", as part of series which explains Japanese traditional culture, which sometimes is not recognised correctly.
simpleshow’s non-profit organisation "simpleshow foundation" and it supports free knowledge in the form of open educational resources (OER). We focus on short and simple but high quality content to explain various topics. In collaboration with volunteer authors, we create explainer videos that can be freely used by everyone. Virtually anyone with Internet access is free to contribute by creating educational videos, based on cited and neutral information.
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