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Sound Theatre is a series of play created by Bun-oh Fujisawa, a Japanese playwright. It is a live performance involving voice actors and actresses and musicians. As Japan is a major market of animated cartoons, the quality and the number of the voice actors and actresses are incomparable to other countries, but only very few has the chance to become a star.
Sound Theatre provides new stage for those taleted artists, and a chance to use their skill live and to perform directly in front of the audience.
As of January 2014, 10 productions (8 stories, 7 original) were performed of which all but one was sold out.  "Natsume Yujincho" (2013) filled 5,000 seats twice, marking the highest number of audience.
Fujisawa is a graduate of the Department of Theatre and Performance at Goldsmiths, Universityof London
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